【Official】KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso

The only resort hotel in Lake Hamana with a spectacular view that rises to the top of Mt. Mt Okusa

"Mt Okusa KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso Kanzanji Temple is a hands-on, multi-purpose facility that is a renovation of the former national residence, which is built on Mt.
In addition to the conventional guest rooms and large communal baths, the facility has been reborn as a facility equipped with a cafe, restaurant, a semi-open-air bath with a panoramic view of Lake Hamana, a meeting room, and an activity room where workshops can be held.
With the theme of "wellness", we provide mental and physical health to visitors.
The concept is a place where "inspiration is born".


  • Notice of temporary closure

    Please note that the following period will be temporarily closed.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    6/7 (Tuesday) -6/9((Thursday)
    6/14 (Tuesday) -6/16((Thursday)
    6/21 (Tuesday) -6/23((Thursday)
    6/28 (Tuesday) -6/30((Thursday)

    Also, in June, it will be open until 15:00 every Monday.
    Please contact info@karen-hamanako.jp during the holiday period.

KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso

  • A magnificent view spreads from the hotel quietly standing on the top of the mountain!

    KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso Kanzanji Temple a hotel located at the highest altitude in the Tateyamaji area.
    It stands quietly at the top of Mt. Mt Okusa, but the extraordinary feeling and superb view overlooking Lake Hamana create rest and excitement.
    Surrounded by abundant natural resources, the road to the summit is a little steep. "Climbing"
    However, when you reach the summit, the view from there is literally superb.
    Please spend a calm time with your loved one while being embraced by the nature of Lake Hamana.


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Hotel Name

KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso


1768-1 Kurematsu Town, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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5 minutes from Kanzanji Smart Interchange
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Measures and initiatives against the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection

  • About our measures and efforts against the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infection

    In order to ensure the safety and security of our customers and prevent the spread of infection, we are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of new Coronavirus.

    ■Regular disinfection
    ■Installation of alcohol sanitizer
    ■Confirmation of temperature measurement for staff and customers
    ■Employee wearing a mask
    ■Installation of acrylic board
    ■Ventilation in this facility
    ■Fill out a health questionnaire at check-in
    ■Ensuring social distance in cafes and restaurants

Initiatives of SDGs

  • Initiatives for "Realization of a Sustainable Society"

    We have the idea of "making the best use of existing resources, drawing out the charm of the place, and connecting it to the next generation," and at the same time, we are advocating contributions to community-based and regional development.

    In order to fulfill our social responsibilities in the future, we will support more embodied efforts and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) advocated by the United Nations to contribute to a "sustainable society."
  • Initiatives for the "6R Prefectural Movement"

    KAReN HaMaNaKo Kanzanjiso is a corporate organization that supports and approves the 6R Prefectural Movement in Shizuoka Prefecture.

    6R is the conventional 3Rs required for waste reduction, plus three new Rs to control the generation of plastic waste and prevent the outflow to the ocean. We are.

    ■Reduce Reduce((Reduce)::reduce
    ■Reuse((Reuse)::Use repeatedly
    ■Recycle((recycling)::Reuse as a resource
    ■Refuse((Refuse)::turn down
    ■Recover(recovery)::To recover

Reservation / Inquiry

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